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Tyres Life becomes Tomket Tyres Exclusive Distributor in the UK

Tomket Tyres will be distributed by Tyres Life throughout the UK (excluding the North East & Ireland) with our growing partnership. Tyres Life is proud to bring you the latest tyre technology from Tomket Tyres and our partnership ensures the wide coverage supply of the well-established budget brand to our key dealers across the UK.

Unparalleled performance and safety
Tomket Tyres are designed for superior performance, handling and safety. With the advanced technology, you can drive with confidence that your tyres will perform at their best.

Wide coverage across the UK
Tyres Life and Tomket Tyres partnership extends the coverage across the UK (excluding the North East & Ireland).
As the fastest growing tyre wholesaler, Tyres Life brings you the privilege of being a Tomket Key Dealer in every region.

Quality meets service
All of our valuable business partners will have access to the quality of Tomket Tyres with reliable service of Tyres Life. Tyres Life will provide visibility, exclusivity packs and give loyalty support to Tomket Tyres; in order to make the Tomket Tyres one of the fastest growing tyre brands in the UK!

Tomket Tyres have and continue to invest significantly in the UK with partnerships with Rangers Football Club, Newcastle United Football club, The English Premier League and impressive digital Media campaigns. This Marketing Exposure across the UK has provided strong brand recognition throughout the supply chain and provides end users with a recognisable and reliable budget tyre option.

Become a Tomket Tyres dealer and start selling this quality brand to your customers.

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